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Travel insurance is vital even on a UK getaway - Wiltshire

Travel insurance is vital even on a UK getaway if you're heading off to a holiday destination.

If your destination is located half way around the globe then the likelihood is that you have a travel insurance policy firmly in place. However, do you know that it is also important to have cover for a getaway in the UK? Yes, whether you're opting for a luxurious long weekend in an ostentatious hotel, a week trekking in the Lake District, or a fast-paced city break in London, having a good travel insurance policy behind you offers no end of perks should the trip not go smoothly.

The one simple condition of securing Staysure travel insurance for a staycation is that you need to be booked into accommodation for three nights or more.
So what perks does travel insurance offer for people holidaying in the UK that they wouldn't receive otherwise?

While it is true that staycation holidaymakers will not need repatriation costs, or insurance features relating to flights, when it comes to medical and baggage insurance, they are just at risk of something happening as they would be on a holiday overseas.

Losing baggage en route to a destination or midway through a holiday is most peoples’ idea of a nightmare. Not only does this mean quickly buying a whole new wardrobe or borrowing clothes to complete the holiday in, items of sentimental value may also have gone missing. While travel insurance can't return your precious belongings to you, it does mean that you won't have to deal with financial loss on top of everything else.

Ahead of their idyllic UK vacation, travellers can choose the right type of policy to suit them, depending on what they have planned. A basic insurance policy covers, as you would expect, the basics, such as baggage insurance, while a major benefit is that over 220 pre-existing medical conditions are covered free of charge. Customers can also access emergency medical assistance, which provides a safety net should someone fall ill on holiday. This is why travel insurance is vital, even on a UK getaway.

However, if you want that extra peace of mind then a comprehensive policy is likely to be your best option. Not only will this cover all the handy elements that a basic policy does, but it has some major extra perks such as cancellation cover and a higher level of personal belongings and baggage insurance.

What's more, many people choose staycations in order to indulge in their hobbies like hiking or golf, and these individuals will want to tailor their policies to their specific needs, with many added extras offering just what you need.

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