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Camping and Caravan Sites near Avebury - Wiltshire

Camping and Caravan sites near Avebury and generally in the north of Wiltshire are not particularly numerous and it is recommended that you book in advance.

Avebury Stone Circle is not as popular as Stonehenge. Thousands of visitors go to Stonehenge throughout the year. Avebury Stone Circle is arguably more interesting than Stonehenge and in fact predates it. It is significantly larger. Not only are you able to wander amongst the stones but the visitors’ experience is much more relaxing. The added attraction is that part of the Stone Circle is occupied by Avebury, an interesting village in itself . There are many other Neolithic sites within easy reach notably the the West Kennet Long Barrow, Silbury and the ancient Ridgeway.

The nearest camping and caravan sites suggested are at Marlborough. There is the Postern Camp Site and . Postern is run by Forest Holidays. Church Farm Campsite which features in this guide is close to Marlborough in the village of Mildenhall and run by John Gale

Other sites you might like to try are in the Pewsey area, two of which are close to the Kennet Avon Canal which is another worthy Wiltshire attraction. They are The Golden Swan at the village of Wilcot which has camping facilities and the The Barge Inn which also has a campsite. Another pub and campsite is The Woodbridge Inn between Pewsey and Marlborough on the main road from Pewsey to Salisbury.

Larger camping and caravan sites near Avebury are to the west and southwest of Avebury - Brokerswood Park at Westbury and Blackland Lakes at Calne .
Camping and Caravan sites near Avebury.

Camping and Caravan sites near Avebury