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A holiday with health at its heart will leave you feeling rejuvenated and fitter and much less tired than when you left.
When away, the diet can often go out of the window. Alcohol consumption may go up if the lure of cheap cocktails proves to be too much. And, if you spend much of the day lying on a hot beach and not drinking as much water as you should, you may become dehydrated and feel out of sorts.
So if you want to return feeling fighting fit, why not consider booking a holiday that has healthy living as a number one priority?

There is loads of choice when it comes to spa, relaxation or wellness holidays - and many hotels may also excel when it comes to sporting facilities where you can participate daily in keep fit classes, go cycling or play golf for example.

Lose weight on holiday
If it's not just getting healthy that interests you, but you're also looking to lose weight, there are a variety of spa holidays on offer where there are organised programmes to help you achieve your goal. For those of us that prefer a less structured holiday, there are also other packages that leave the amount of activity up to you. Perhaps when choosing which one is right for you, you could ask yourself - will you have the discipline to exercise and eat healthily - or do you need a bit more help?

If you have a particular health condition, then you could look at travelling somewhere that could possibly help to alleviate symptoms. The Dead Sea has for years attracted people who seek relief from the skin complaint psoriasis - and it is also said to relieve rheumatism and arthritis. Whilst the effectiveness of this is questionable, for many, it is still worth a try. Special holidays are available to Israel and Jordan where you can not only take to the waters, but may also find there are spa treatments available too. If this type of holiday does appeal to you, it is probably a good idea to go with an open mind, and see any improvements to your condition as a bonus.

Yoga or Pilates?
Yoga holidays are another option - or what about Pilates? Specialist holidays can cater for those who are beginners or more advanced. There is again plenty of choice here and you can choose from the UK, Europe or further afield. Again, some will have organised programmes others will be more relaxed - and there is a wide range of accommodation on offer. You might like to stay in a 'retreat' type setting with a communal ethos, or have more privacy in a hotel.

Or, why not consider exploring Ayurveda, an ancient form of medicine originating from South Asia? This is meant to help balance the body’s energies and restore health and vitality. Specialist holiday companies have picked up on growing interest with Sri Lanka, and Kerala in South India, popular destinations.

Search out a bargain?
If you are limited for time, or don't want to travel far, then the UK holiday with health at its heart has plenty of top notch spas. The popularity of these has created more competition, so look out for special packages. The Somerset town of Glastonbury, for example, is not just famed for its festival but it is also home to therapists of every description.

The only difficult part is deciding which is right for you. Travel insurance is important if you are going abroad and the insurer must be told of any existing health problems you may have. Remember, if you do not disclose this information, cover could be invalidated.

Once you have your insurance in place, make sure you also have sufficient travel money - whether you need to buy euros, or another more exotic foreign currency, arranging this before you go makes sense. Another option to consider is a cash passport, which is a pre-paid travel card which you can top up before you leave. Being organised in advance means all you have to look forward to is a holiday that should leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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A holiday with health at its heart