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Stourhead Gardens in Autumn - Wiltshire

Stourhead Gardens in autumn is the time of the year to see this very special Wiltshire National Trust property at its best.

The Stourhead Tree Collection was developed by the Hoare family over a period of 220 years. The original Manor House was demolished and a new house built between 1720 and 1724.

The focal point of the gardens is the large lake, formed by damming a small stream and many of the collection of nearly 1000 species of trees surrounds it.
Stourhead Gardens in Autumn, from early October depending on the timing of the onset of colder nights through till November the trees form a riot of colour.

There is a circular walk around the lake with numerous temples, follies and grottoes of classical style scattered around the walk which were built to enhance the landscape show off the grounds.

The inspiration behind the creation was the fashionable classical idealised Italian landscaped gardens of the time.

In addition to the Gardens and within the estate is the tall triangular folly built by Henry Hoare II to commemorate the Saxon king Alfred’s battles against Viking invasion in the year AD 878. This folly is also open to the public and has 205 steps to the top where you can enjoy spectacular views over the Stourhead Estate , Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset.

There is a restaurant, a pub The Spreadeagle Inn serving meal, a farmshop, a gift shop and reception at the entrance. There is plenty to do for all the family with large open areas for the children to run around in and a programme of events for young and old throughout the year.
Stourhead Gardens in Autumn