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Athelstan Museum

Town Hall
Cross Hayes
United Kingdom
SN16 9BZ
01666 829258
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Please come and visit us; Entrance to the museum is FREE, however DONATIONS are very welcome as we receive NO government funding.Our museum is wonderful for community, student, tourist and historian alike. Come and talk to our volunteers for a wealth of local information.

Opening Times: 10.30.a.m - 4.30.p.m. With the help of our volunteers we are able to open 7 days a week including Sundays and Bank Holidays. However, on Sundays during the winter months until Easter, the museum will open from 11.30.a.m - 3.30.p.m.

Our Museum was named after King Athelstan; Athelstan was the grandson of Alfred the Great. He reigned from 925-939AD and was the first real king of England as one country.

In return for their loyal service in the battles against the Danes, Athelstan reputedly gave land, known as King's Heath, to the warden and freemen of the 'burh'.

Athelstan was a great benefactor of Malmesbury Abbey. He donated many gifts to the monastery. He died in Gloucester on 27th October 939, and is believed to have been buried at Malmesbury Abbey.

The tomb which can be seen in Malmesbury Abbey today, which is believed to be dedicated to King Athelstan, was constructed long after his death.

The collection reflects the local history of the town and surrounding area.

Displays include: Archaeology, photographs, prints, coins and tokens, costume, Malmesbury lace, early bicycles, 18th century fire engine, Malmesbury Branch Railway photographs. Also information on King Athelstan, the Civil War and Thomas Hobbes; philosopher. The museum provides a variety of educational/hands-on activities for children and their families to enjoy.

A welcome awaits you at Athelstan Museum and an opportunity to learn about Malmesbury then and now.

Malmesbury is a town of great charm; a town not to be missed on your travels.

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