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Salisbury Cathedral - Wiltshire

Salisbury Cathedral is one of the finest Medieval buildings in Britain today. Set in 80 Acres, Salisbury has the largest Cathedral Cloisters in Britain.

Dating back to 1220 the Cathedral building work commenced on Salisbury Water Meadows with the Foundation Stone laid by Bishop Poore. It took just 38 years to build using 60,000 tons of Chilmark Stone and 10,000 tons of Purbeck Stone. It boasts Britain’s tallest spire (123metres or 404ft) which was built between AD1310 – 1333. The Spire now leans 27.5 inches to the South and 17.5 inches to the West.

Of only 4 surviving original Magna Carta, the best preserved is on display in the Chapter House. Magna Carta is Latin for “The Great Charter” the famous agreement made between King John and his barons at Runneymede in 1215. It is beautifully written in Latin on vellum (animal skin) and contains some 3,500 words, many of which have been abbreviated.

Since the spire appeal was founded in 1986, Salisbury Cathedral has been carrying out a major repair program. To date nearly £16million has been spent, but still there is another 10 years or so of work to be completed. However, the Cathedral has well and truly stood the test of time with thousands of people regularly coming to worship, in addition to the 500,000 visitors a year.

One can spend many hours in the Cathedral and surrounding grounds and not exhaust all it has to offer. It truly is a very enchanting and memorable place to visit.

Salisbury Cathedral