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Pitton Circular Walk taking in Clarendon Way and the Silver Plough Pub - Wiltshire

The Pitton Circular Walk taking in Clarendon Way starts opposite the Silver Plough village pub.


This walk is c. 4.8 miles and will take about two hours, depending on your speed of walking.

There are neither stiles nor any difficult terrain to negotiate.

The Silver Plough is a great place to have a drink and/or meal after your walk.
Along the walk you will encounter posts with waymarks giving directions for this Circular Walk.

Please keep to the footpath and keep dogs under close control, particularly at nesting time.

We hope you enjoy this fantastic walk and have time to take in the delights of the Clarendon Palace ruins.

Walk description

From the Silver Plough cross the road to the Village Hall and take the unmade track with the Village Hall on your right. Adjacent to the tennis courts then the path to the left and continue parallel to the track. Walk past the cottage on your right and where the path splits take the left, uphill path. After a slight climb the path passes two memorial seats. After 100 yards the path joins a junction of two unmade tracks. Ignore the track to the left and right and follow almost straight ahead, veering slightly to your right.

After approximately half a mile there are sign-posted paths to the left and right. Take the right hand path through the trees, then across the fields, across the Best’s Farm track and into the forest. For about 15 minutes of the walk the path is rutted and wet in winter but dry in summer. Follow the path through the forest, cross the estate road and carry on where it bends to the right.

Then, keeping the fields to your left, after about 400 yards the path turns left.
Continue on the path for half a mile where you will find a path that turns to the right.

Option to visit Clarendon Palace Ruin
From here you can take a quiet break to enjoy the ruins of Clarendon Palace, which are a further 100 yards straight on. The ruins are quite extensive. Have a look round them. There is usually a flock of llamas in the enclosure, so please keep your dog on a lead. There are some interesting information boards and plenty of room to have a picnic.

From the Clarendon Palace ruins the path continues on to Salisbury. This path is part of the Clarendon Way.

You should now retrace your steps back to the Circular Walk path, which is now on your left.

Taking this path, which is now part of the Clarendon Way, it becomes a well-used track, and after a mile it crosses an estate road with cottages on the right.
Follow the path behind the cottages until you emerge at the edge of the woods with views of the village and the school. The path goes downhill to the Pitton pumping station, which you pass on the right to emerge into the lane (Slateway). Turn left, proceed along the lane and then right at the cross roads. Continue up the hill to the Silver Plough and the Village Hall.

Now you have finished your walk, Pitton Circular Walk please take time to visit the Silver Plough, the charming thatched country pub opposite the Village Hall.

Pitton Circular Walk taking in Clarendon Way and the Silver Plough