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On business or holiday or just passing through bed and breakfast near Larkhill is available nearby in Amesbury Durrington Shrewton Netheravon and Salisbury.

Amesbury | Salisbury

B&B; businesses on our pages include the Antrobus Arms a 17th century coaching inn at the centre of Amesbury, Scotland Lodge Farm B&B; at Winterbourne Stoke convenient to the A303 London to Exeter route. Scotland Lodge Farm offers off-road parking and stabling if necessary for horseboxes, boat or caravan and welcome well behaved dogs. We have also the The Old Post Office B&B; in the pretty village of Haxton close to Netheravon in the Avon Valley. All are within easy reach of Larkhill.

The garrison of Larkhill is just one mile north of Stonehenge and there are many Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments including long and round garrison both within and close to the garrison.

The garrison’s origin goes back to tented camps at the end of the 19th Century on Lark Hill which formed part of Durrington Down within the village parish of Durrington.

The Larkhill ranges as they came to be known were specifically used for artillery practice and in 1914 permanent hutted accommodation was built. In 1910 The Bristol and Colonial Aeroplane Company (later changed to the Bristol Aeroplane Company) established an airfield and flying school at Larkhill which soon attracted the military's interest. Pupils came from all over the world to train as pilots and many of the pilots used at the beginning of the First World War were civilian trained at Larkhill.

The very first purpose flight hangars are still in existence today and are listed buildings. These five ‘sheds’ are believed to be the earliest known aircraft hangars in Europe and were built in 1910 for the Bristol Aeroplane Company who initially trained aircrew at the aerodrome. These rank in terms of their early date with the remains of the Wright Brothers workshops in the US which have been given Landmark status by the US government. Perhaps they should be designated as a World Heritage site competing with Stonehenge. During the 1910 Autumn Manoeuvres a significant development was made by the successful transmission of radio messages by aeroplane to the Bristol Hangar.

In 1917one of five new airfields on Salisbury Plain was built alongside Stonehenge and a light military railway was built linking Amesbury with Bulford, three tented camps at Larkhill and the newly established aerodrome.

Larkhill garrison was expanded further between the wars to include a military hospital and married quarters. Further expansion continued during World War II mainly for artillery units and hutted accommodation was replaced by permanent buildings after the war ended.

Today the garrison continues to be one of the busiest and largest garrisons in Salisbury Plain and is home to the Royal School of Artillery. The School provides Phase 2 training for recruits to the Royal Artillery which includes gunnery, air defence, surveillance and signals.

If you decide to stay at Bed and Breakfast near Larkhill you are staying in the midst of one of the most ancient landscapes of Britain.

Recent ongoing archaeological investigations, the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project, using the very latest radar and magnetometry technology, are showing that the area surrounding Stonehenge in and around Larkhill, Amesbury and Durrington Stonehenge is far richer in pre-history than was originally believed. It is proving to be a major if not the major centre of Neolithic civilisation in Britain of that time.

Bed and Breakfast near Larkhill